FROM THE STACKS: Sally Seltmann

We get a lot of crap CDs at the self-titled offices. But once in a while, a pleasant surprise slips into our promo stack. Here’s a recent delivery that knocked the s/t staff on its collective ass.


The Artist/Album: Sally Seltmann, Heart That’s Pounding (Arts & Crafts, 2010)

The Vibe: Formerly known as the underrated yet acclaimed New Buffalo, the Australian singer/songwriter returns with her first album as herself. The confidence shows. Equal parts Nico and Feist (no coincidence there–Seltmann co-wrote “1,2,3,4”), Pounding is actually quite delicate and overwhelmingly heartfelt. Which means cafes everywhere will be trading in their worn-out copies of The Reminder before you know it.

RIYL: Breakup talk over bottomless cups of chamomile tea; the first frost of fall; the backlash that’s bound to happen over electroclash’s second coming