Ghostly International
Launches Second Capsule
Arthur Russell Collection

Photography DAVE SUTTON

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for the Arthur Russell fan in your life, Ghostly International’s got just the thing: their second capsule collection of limited clothing fully licensed by the avant-garde icon’s longtime label Audika Records. Now available here and posted for window shopping purposes below, the collaboration includes a slick crewneck sweatshirt, short and long-sleeve T-shirts, and a total dat hat. All featuring the original flyer artwork of Russell and his partner Tom Lee.

“The three new designs date from the mid-’70s,” explains Audika founder Steve Knutson, “and are based on gig flyers made by Arthur. He would find images to use in coloring books. I’m most intrigued by both the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club and Sobossek’s designs. If you saw either of those posted in downtown Manhattan at that time, what would you think? Does he perform music for children? Is it a magic show?”

In a way, yes. Fingers crossed one of these long sleeves actually fits us. If not, there’s always last year’s lovely Iowa Dream LP….