Hauschka Channels His Childhood in “Talking To My Father”



“How often have I gone for a walk and finished on the crest of a hill or mountain top, and found a new perspective on things,” Hauschka says, when asked about his recent album A Different Forest. “It’s quite a moving experience—the experience of the sublime. Realizing that everything has been there for such a long time and will continue to exist, yet in contrast, our human existence is reduced to but a fraction of the earth’s history.”

The record isn’t just a meditation on nature itself, though; the song “Talking To My Father” was actually written as a tribute to his father and the walks they once took in the woods. “It’s where I got to know him best,” explains the composer/pianist.

Check out the piece’s official video below, and be sure to root for Hauschka at the BAFTA Awards this weekend, as his Patrick Melrose score is up for an original music nod….