HEALTH Pick Their Favorite Remixes From ‘Disco’ Part Deux

(L to R: Jake Duzsik, Jupiter Keyes, BJ Miller, John Famiglietti)

Photos by Bryan Sheffield

In honor of HEALTH‘s second remix collection–and our cover story from ST005–we asked the boys to share their personal favorites from DISCO2. Here’s what they came up with…

One of my favorite tracks on this record has to be the Soft Encounter Remix. This is a newly-formed group that, to be honest, I know little about other than that it has at least one member of Ex Models and Knyfe Hyts. Soft Encounter’s Remix of “We Are Water” is an unapologetic departure from everything else on Disco2. Its bizarre orchestration and unconventional structure set it apart from almost all of the songs on this remix album, which clearly are ‘songs’. That is not meant to be a judgment in either direction; it’s just that this track is fucking weird. Affected and over-driven guitars, a heavy drone-like drumbeat, and vocals processed beyond recognition make it sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Not always a description that means something is good. In this case it is. – Jupiter Keyes

No drums–just the most epic modular synth lines ever. I wish we had written this song. – Jake Duzsik

This remix is challenging, not instantly gratifying. The more I listen to it, the more impressed I am with CC’s ability to design a song that completely dominates my mood. And I love the drums. – BJ Miller

This is a great rmx. It fits like a glove–an evil ass glove. So stoked on these guys; we’ve been fans for awhile. Thank fuck there’s a new generation of kids doing rad shit that’s fucking dark. Get us out of this sunny pop Disney-core era of studying music. PLEASE.

P.S. This is the A version. The B version is the drag version, and its on DISCO2++. The A version fit better on the record so we went with A. It’s always about the scene, not the shot. – John Famiglietti