Heinali Melds
Generative Music
With the Middle Ages
On Madrigals

Heinali has revealed his second record of the year, a deeply researched detour from last spring’s loose session with saxophonist Michael Balog. Due out November 13th through the stellar ambient / experimental label Injazero Records, Madrigals draws a direct link between the polyphonic melodies of the Renaissance period and the heady, math-driven harmonies of modular synths.

Medieval times on the dark side of the moon, basically, written with the guidance of fellow musician Julia Vash and the generative music patches Heinali spent two years developing. Much like the machines in a science fiction movie, they eventually took on a life of their own.

“I discovered in awe that some of the voices acquired a kind of subjectivity,” explains the Ukrainian composer. “They were now framed by their stories — sets of relations that had been established over several years of practice. There was, for example, a high bird voice that loved ostinato and sometimes, under certain circumstances, went into deep bass. The interaction of these voices, as a result, gave rise to some kind of narrative.”

Check out a complete breakdown of Madrigals below and more from Heinali at his official site.

(Injazero Records, November 13th)

1. Rondine
2. Beatrice
3. Giardino
4. Vita Nova