I WAS THERE: Department of Eagles and Here We Go Magic, Bowery Ballroom, 1.19.09

Department of Eagles 1

Words and Photos by Aaron Richter

It’s only been a few hours since Department of Eagles performed at Bowery Ballroom (their fourth show ever), and I’ve already pretty much forgotten their set. Yes, it was that boring. All the whistling, looping and banjoing simply came across as a even-more-directionless Grizzly Bear. My girlfriend fell asleep leaning against my back and, once shaken awake, proclaimed it music for college republicans. Ba-zing! EIC Andrew said I should still recommend their album In Ear Park. But I’m not gonna.

Less blog jizz has been spilled over openers Here We Go Magic (a group led by singer-songwriter Luke Temple), who were superb thanks to their set-closing performance of “Tunnelvision,” a cascade of whispers and acoustic guitar strummed to circle hypnotically like a rootsy new breed of Animal Collective. Also, the band’s keyboardist is a white Kyp Malone. Check more photos (though none of white Kyp) after the jump.

Department of Eagles 2

[Dude played banjo and whistled. Groan.]

Department of Eagles 3

[This was their fourth show ever, and they told stories like Canadians.]

Department of Eagles 4

[My Name Is Earl played bass.]

Here We Go Magic 1

[This is Here We Go Magic (aka Luke Temple with band).]

Here We Go Magic 2

Here We Go Magic 3

Here We Go Magic 4

[Luke’s guitar looked like he found it in an attic.]

Here We Go Magic 5

[They closed their set with “Tunnelvision.” Everyone should hear this song immediately.]