Important Relaunches Cassette Imprint With Digital Reissues, Free Total Life LP

Aki Onda photo by Fridolin Schopper

Important Records has rebooted its cassette imprint Cassauna with a couple new rising composer releases (Randy Gibson, Zachary James Watkins) and a Bandcamp page that offers digital versions of long out-of-print editions from Conrad Schniztler, Aki Onda, and Eleh’s even more elusive side project Deceh. Since that’s a lot to digest, the label has devoted their latest podcast to new, old and forthcoming tapes, as well as made a free album available from Kevin Doria’s (Growing) solo outlet, Total Life. Meant as a companion listen to last year’s Radiator LP, it’s “inspired by late night atmospheric reentry and the desire to look into the future by peering into the past.”