IN THE MOMENT: The Twilight Sad’s Singer Emerges As the Scariest Scotsman Since Begbie At Feedback-Flinging Bowery Ballroom Show

[Photos by Andrew Parks]

We’ve seen it before; seen your steel glare, that look of disgust, that clear indication that our camera’s epileptic fits are ruining your ‘concert experience.’ To which we say, “Fair enough. You win. We don’t need to treat every self-titled show like an impromptu photo shoot.”

What we will do, however, is keep our Canon handy in case something special happens–something special like the Twilight Sad‘s singer (a genuinely disturbed James Graham) belting out “Cold Days From the Birdhouse” from Bowery Ballroom’s floor. The trio of photos in this post represent a split second representation of what it was like to be there when it happened.

Expect more posts like this in the near future, and enjoy the stunning Twilight Sad track after the jump.