ingMob Shares a Mix of Monome Music


Monome is more than a company; it is a community. Founded on the principles of open-source engineering and sustainable small-scale manufacturing, monome has seeded an all-star cast of artists & programmers. I made this mix to celebrate the wonderful people I’ve met through monome, and to showcase the amazing talent in this collaborative community. This is a small sampling of my favorite monome music, including live sets, remixes and unreleased tracks.” ingMob

tehn – live at interface LA – 12.12.2011
ro – rawbeet(i)
shlohmo – out of hand (NO SIR E footleg)
making the noise – if you’ve got something, hang on (Altitude Sickness Remix)
galapagoose – insider (for winston)
nonagon – interspace
making the noise – neu seol (unreleased)
pauk – electric jazzmine
edison – a fortune gone to hashed kids
daedelus – live at interface LA – 12.12.2011
anenon – shifts – brownswood electric volume 2
asura – our word for warmth

ingMob’s self-released ‘Marrow’ LP is now available. Stream it in full via Bandcamp and check out the producer’s interactive, profoundly trippy “i/o” video here.