INSIDE ST002: Bloc Party, Wayne Coyne Indulge Our ‘Lib Service’ Fantasies

[Photo by Steve Gullick]

self-titled has avoided boring the shit out of artists since the second we started this daily site/digital magazine. Like the plague, really. One of the earliest ‘brilliant ideas’ we stumbled upon in our search for non-profile pieces was a simple but scintillating return to the Mad Libs pads of our stunted adolescence.

Meant as a way to not worry about anything but mindless queries like “lucky number” or an “adjective starting with C,” self-titled‘s recurring Mad Libs page first ensnared No Age at this year’s South by Southwest festival. Our current issue caught two major artists in the act of filling out our “Chris Martin Licks the Wrapper” manifesto: Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, who’s in our actual issue, and Bloc Party, who offer an alternate take in the sheet below …