Jahiliyya Fields Announces New L.I.E.S. Album, Chance Life

Jahiliyya Fields

Having taken a break from his Jahiliyya Fields project with last year’s Inhalants 12”—an ongoing collaboration with Patricia—Matthew Morandi is now back with a solo album for his longtime label L.I.E.S. Due out July 7th, Chance Life reportedly “sharpens the focus between body and mind music, finding a path for these seemingly opposed ideas to cancel each other out.”

Admitted influences like Detroit techno and Craig Leon make their way into the mix as well, with the former’s more brutal forebears shining brightly throughout the battery acid beats of the album’s lead single “Galcit 210.” Dodge its laser-guided synth lines below, beneath cover art and a complete tracklisting…

Jahiliyya Fields - 'Chance Life' album

Jahiliyya Fields
Universal Hexagram
(L.I.E.S., July 7th)

1. Temple Blockers
2. Chance Life Moon Dance
3. Billows is Shapes
4. ‘Finity Disguise
5. Clear Collar
6. Abendlander
7. Narrow Cross
8. Galcit 210
9. Unarmed (A Hole in Cold Sand)
10. Any Object of Desire
11. Lovegiver