Jtamul Makes Us a Dizzying Mix Featuring Dead Can Dance, Alice Coltrane, Abul Mogard and More


Similar in spirit to last week’s otherworldly Lubuni (Objects Limited) EP, Jtamul made us a Needle Exchange mix that sounds as if it were beamed from another space-time continuum entirely. Here’s what the Turkish producer/linguistic student had to say about the eerie set, which features everything from Alice Coltrane to Abul Mogard….

These tracks are mostly ones that inspired me during the search for new vocalization forms that I wanted to try. I always wanted to sing, but I was not sure how to characterize and narrate it. I was yearning to cry out, but didn’t want to deal with the basic dynamics. Processing the sounds after the execution is more interesting for me. Some of the other tracks are by my friends, who make me feel loved and connected to the worlds we imagine. I also adore some dramatic tunes to dance and cry to, like “Sad Bitch” by Arca and “Dawn of the Iconoclast” (that I stretched a little) by Dead Can Dance.

Dead Can Dance – Dawn of the Iconoclast
David Moss – Language Linkage
Kenji Kawai – Kyuushuu
Uase – In Labor
Basiani – Shen Khar Venakhi / შენხარვენახი
Jtamul – Sabahlama Perisi
Arca – Sad Bitch
Abul Mogard – Bound Universe
Alice Coltrane – Krishna
Elysia Crampton – Homeless (Q’ara)
Claude Debussy – Arabesque No. 1
Iannis Xenakis – Pithoprakta
Asa Chang & Junray – Hana