Miss Red Makes Us a Mercurial Mix Inspired By The Four Bodies EP

Miss Red

Words + Mix MISS RED

This year was a big one for me, marking my last year hanging out in Berlin, and my new year moving to Porto. A lot of changes, a lot of realizations, and primarily a lot of new inspiration coming from those shifting circumstances. I have now channeled that creative fuel into explosive energy to create The Four Bodies EP for Kevin Richard Martin’s Pressure label.

As I have gone deeper into music making, I have become much more aware that I now talk from four distinct bodies or perspectives. In the mix below, I intend to expand upon this idea and show those four elements ever more vividly via a collection of tunes I am feeling right now. Illuminating four completely different manifestations, perpetually shifting from one to the other.

My EP represents these contrasting elements—an intersection for chaos—and celebrates the collision of opposites. In my own words, they are:

The body of fire, my most natural voice, my first angry shout, my hot temper, my passion, my red-headed desires. I don’t think I just burn; I burst into your headspace and if you’re not ready for the flames, you will get fried. “Loco” is my hyper self, telling everyone don’t be a slave to fear.

The body of air, the purely mental, the sculpted thought, the sword, the chat, the memory of words that can lead you to your victory or to your failure. In “Shut In Your Head,” I amplify this game of words, as one simple thought can build you up invincibly or destroy you completely.

The body of water, the emotional body, the turbulent sea we must forever navigate, to understand our own heart better. In “Don’t Text Back,” I am trying to find a conclusion as to why an emotion suddenly appears to me without knowing what that emotion actually is. It’s the need to obtain a deeper understanding RE: a self-harming situation. It’s about looking at yourself deep in the eyes and seeing behind.

The body of earth, the flesh and bone, that body where all energy becomes actual matter, where we live out our choices in real time. It’s where we must eat the fruit we grew, where we pay for all our mortal acts, and where we face our deeds. “Prayers” is the helpless ground we all walk—our mortality. A prayer is to stay alive….

Bendaly Family vs. Center of the Universe – Do You Love Me
Kaluma – Clap! Clap!
Grandmixxer (Feat. Mez) – Freestyle
Goth Trad (Feat. Max Romeo) – Babylon Fall
Tapes – Drum Track
Deena Abdelwahed – Al Hobby Al Mouharreb
Laurie Anderson – Bright Red
King Midas Sound x Fennesz – Loving Or Leaving (Instrumental)
Young Echo – Rocksteady
Grupo de Capoeira Angola Piranga de Pastinha – Cavalaria
Ninja Man – Walk That Road
Billy Boyo – Zimzimzim
G36 – No Escape
Slomatics – Lose the Five
Pledge – Doom & Redemption
Sarah Davachi – Chanter
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – Levitation Praxis