Le Tigre Reunite on “I’m With Her” Single

As promised in a Talkhouse podcast last month, Le Tigre have reunited for a one-off single and guess what? They’re with her, too:

“Le Tigre was born from feminist rage,” the dearly missed trio in a Facebook statement, “and feminist rage reunites us after a decade. ‘I’m With Her’ is our song for Hillary Clinton. It’s our plea to voters to join us at the ballot box on November 8th to destroy Donald Trump.”

Le Tigre’s last album was 2004’s This Island. When speaking to self-titled about her current project The Julie Ruin, singer Kathleen Hanna batted away any nods to her past work by saying, “I don’t want to be in Bikini Kill Jr. Or Bikini Kill Sr. And I don’t want to be in Le Tigre: Part II. I wanted to be in this band.”

So there you have it—Le Tigre is dead, long live Le Tigre…

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