Lemonade Announce New Minus Tide Album, Sign to Cascine


Photo by Shane McCauley

Lemonade have left their longtime home True Panther for the indie pop environs of Cascine Records. The trio’s first release for the label is Minus Tide, a new album described as “a collection of songs that contemplate the sync of natural cycles, the eternal allure of wide open spaces and the belief that freedom can still be experienced within the confining grids of urban life.”

If you’re not sure what any of that means, you could always skip straight to the record’s lead single; it speaks for itself thanks to a richly textured web of lean synth lines and hi-def hooks. Have a listen below, along with complete album details and a flyer for the all-too-brief Cascine tour Lemonade is a part of next month…

Lemonade - 'Minus Tide' album cover

Lemonade, Minus Tide (Cascine, September 9th):
1. Stepping
2. Durutti Shores
3. Clearest
4. Water-Colored Visions
5. Reaches
6. Awake
7. Orchid Bloom
8. Come Down Softly
9. OST
10. Minus Tide