Liam Gallagher Goes Gunning For Ben Sherman With His New Pretty Green Line

[Photos by Boo]

“Get off the stage, grandpa” wasn’t the only thing we kept thinking during the Who’s Super Bowl halftime show last month. We also couldn’t help but wonder when some of the sharpest-dressed British dudes of all time lost their Quadrophenia look for good. While we realize a bunch of 60-year-olds shouldn’t be sprinting across the stage in mod attire, there are ways to age gracefully without becoming a total reunion tour cliche.

Liam Gallagher is still a few decades away from being in the same position as his British Invasion forebears–he’s not even 40 yet–but that doesn’t make his decision to launch a clothing line any less appropriate. After all, a Noel-free Oasis album isn’t expected until 2011, and Pretty Green actually got its start in the UK last summer. So a stab at the stateside Ben Sherman market was only a matter of time, really.

“Clothes and music are my passion,” Gallagher said in a recent statement. “I’m not here to rip anyone off and I’m not doing it for the money either. I’m doing it ‘cuz there’s a lack of stuff out there of the things I would wear.”

And by that, he means lots of tightly-tailored, late-’60s inspired clothing, although the singer assured RXP that “I’m a bit of a mod, but I don’t sleep with a scooter or anything.” Fair enough. Take a look at some standout look book shots after the jump…