1MM: A Drug Cartel-Free Look At the MtyMx Festival, Including Photos of Dan Deacon, HEALTH, Lemonade and High Places

Since our staff didn’t have the cojones to cover Monterrey’s MtyMx Festival right after South By Southwest, we sent our new favorite Dutchman, Nick Helderman, down to document it for the rest of us. The following post is his photo essay version of what we like to call the Todd P Experiment. (A killer slideshow version is also available here.)

Oh, and if you want to play “Where’s Waldo?” with the shots, these artists make an appearance somewhere along the way: Mentira Mentira, Das Racist, Pictureplane, High Places, Alexico, Best Fwends, Dan Deacon, Ratas Del Vaticano, HEALTH, Indian Jewelry and Lemonade. Can you spot them all?