LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Blonde Redhead, ‘Misery is a Butterfly’

Blonde Redhead - 'Misery is a Butterfly' cover

Blonde Redhead - 'Misery is a Butterfly' cover The Artist/Album: Blonde Redhead, Misery is a Butterfly (4AD, 2004)

Our Review: I first heard this record in the most random of situations: 4 a.m. in the Brooklyn loft of Nada Surf’s rhythm section, back when I was still freelancing for Magnet magazine. In theory, it was one of those corny Garden State moments, where someone cues up a record and basically says, “This album is going to change your life”; in practice, these songs stuck with me, capturing a fallen angel form of romanticism in a way that makes perfect sense when you consider Blonde Redhead’s move from the indie rock environs of Touch & Go to the gloomier pastures of 4AD. To be honest, I haven’t listened to any of the group’s LPs since then, mostly because I’d rather not mar the memories of the pure melancholia this one celebrates so well. –Andrew Parks

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