Steve Moore Turns
Up the Tension In
MirrorBoxx Track

Nervous Curtains frontman Sean Kirkpatrick has tapped Steve Moore for a welcome one-off from his new solo project MirrorBoxx. The pairing makes perfect sense when you consider all the overlaps between Kirkpatrick’s cruise-controlled synthcapades and Moore’s own dimly lit dance music as a solo producer and one-half of the horror score / prog duo Zombi.

“My goal was simply to put my spin on the ideas and themes that were already there,” Moore says of the digital single. “I started by re-tracking the bassline and programming my own percussion, then added layers of synths to accompany the original tracks. The song already had a sense of drama and urgency, and I tried to accentuate that.”

Look out for the official release of Moore’s “Human Futures Trader” remix this Friday, and check out MirrorBoxx’s original take — along with the rest of his recent Vision Quest of the Technocrat record — below….