NE157: An Exclusive Mix By… Polygrains


During the technological revolution, the radical transformation of tool into instrument drastically changed human beings. The machine, with its endless options and possibilities, altered our perceptions. The machine, a guiding force that led people through unexplored terrains and newly invented places, turned the familiar into unfamiliar.

As soon as you understand how it functions, you find yourself immersed in its synthesized world, feeling its electrified breath on your face, your galvanized limps dancing on its heartbeat, unable to resist, unable to find a reason to do so. This is a mix for the people who reveled in their own death, on their unconditional surrender to the machine…

Poppets – Calling Bach
Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan – The Song Of The Second Moon
Haruomi Hosono and Tadanori Yokoo – Malaba Hotel Roof Garden..Revel Attack…
Polygrains- Cycling On Bubbles
SFV Acid – JusCid
Axel Boman – Kings And Emperors
Larry Gus – With All Your Eyes Look (Cut Hands Remix)
Special Request – Forbidden
Boo Williams – Total Wreck
Steve Summers – New Surroundings
Marcellus Pittman – Come See
Segue – Snow Dub
Anthony Naples – Ill Still
Kyle Hall – Krushed
Ondo Fudd – Coup d’Etat
Tornado Wallace – Okavanga Delta Beats In Space
Bernand Parmegianni – Pop Eclectique

Polygrains is set to perform his signature brand of melancholic synth-pop at Tilburg’s Incubate Festival this Thursday. Stream his new ‘Split’ LP in full below, along with a couple videos and the producer/singer’s free ‘Adore Primo’ EP.