NE165: An Exclusive Mix By… Gudrun Gut



Berlin underground beacon Gudrun Gut continues to confound three decades into her career with 500m, a full-on collaboration with Faust co-founder Hans Joachim Irmler. Tracked last fall at the Krautrock pioneer’s studio in southwest Germany, it started with improv sessions that stretched on for as long as 30 minutes but ultimately maxed out at around eight as the pair exchanged further edits and Gut took a scalpel to everything in her own environs.

In the following exclusive mix, Gut gives us a look at her creative process by tying together tracks from both parties alongside selections from Arthur Russell, Neu!, Anika, Moondog and more.

“Conscious or unconscious, [it’s] music I like to listen to—some Kraut, some electronic,” she explains. “Old mixed with new. Overall flow is history, influences, surroundings. Likes.”

White Noise – Love Without Sound
Faust – Ayi Ayi
Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
Thomas Fehlmann – Lüster
Neu! – E-Musik
Gudrun Gut – Mond
Gut und Irmler – Mandarine
Max Loderbauer – Ssseq
Wolfgang Voigt – Brücke
Michaela Melián – Place Stalingrad
Gut und Irmler – Traum
AGF – Track 02
Harmonia – Watussi
Anika – I Go to Sleep
Moondog – Down Is Up
Lucrecia Dalt – Saltacion (Gudrun Gut Remix)
Faust – Klaviernacht

‘500m’ is available now through Bureau B. Check out a couple of its songs in video form below…