Juju & Jordash Announce New Album, Clean-Cut

Juju & Jordash

Juju & Jordash revealed their third full-length record today, a nine-track effort due out November 14th through the Amsterdam imprint Dekmantel. According to a press release, Clean-Cut finds the producers “creating a tight tapestry of emotive and danceable sound that reveals more detail and depth with each new listen.” Or as the hardwired duo puts it, “Clean-Cut is tighter, more honest and there’s less hiding behind a hazy screen of FX.”

Hear what they mean by exploring a 13-minute sampler below…

Juju & Jordash - 'Clean Cut' album cover

Clean Cut:
1. Clean-Cut
2. Schmofield
3. Whippersnapper
4. Swamp Things
5. Deadwood City
6. Maharaja
7. Wheeze Please
8. Anywhere
9. Eventide
10. SP Shakes (CD bonus track)