NE010: An Exclusive Jonas Reinhardt Mix

We’ve always wanted to throw a monthly Kraut-rock party, one that covers everything from rare Cluster B-sides and key Kosmiche cuts to the Horrors’ rather brilliant decision to start a-Neu! and channel Can. The following Jonas Reinhardt mix is exactly what we’d want to hear at such a thing, albeit with bits of bass bin-bashing baile funk, thoroughly-stoned synthscapes, and icy post punk. Reinhardt’s own album–Powers of Audtion, his first to feature a full band (including members of Trans Am, Citay and Mi Ami)–is out now on Kranky. It’s also a groove-locked godsend, and one of our favorite space age records of the year.

A.R. & Machines – Cosmic Vibrations
Tranced-out syncopated tape delay–feel the multi-track tape intensity!

Dennis DJ – Jonathan ii
From the Rio Baile Funk comp; infectious and undeniable, complete with killer ring-tone solos.

Hawkwind – Spiral Galaxy 28948
Incredible keyboard leads and melodies; love the transition from stoner sludge to classy synth bliss.

Tangerine Dream – Igneous
Part of the menacing soundtrack to Michael Mann’s debut (Thief). It’s one of Tang D.’s best.

Harald Grosskopf – So Weit So Gut
On par with Faust’s “Krautrock” as one of the defining songs of its genre, a lost synth classic.

Linear Movement – The Game
Arguably the best of the lost Minimal Wave tracks unearthed by Veronica [Vasicka].

Patrick Cowley – Mind Warp 1982
Legendary Hi-NRG producer from San Francisco’s Castro scene, a seminal influence.

Major Swellings – Flavorsaver
Master Prins [Thomas] at the controls with one of the funkiest basslines in recent memory.

Pharoah Overlord – Laivaus 17
Remain In Light meets locked-groove experimentalism.

Simple Minds – I Travel 1980
Surprisingly tough and catchy post-punk from these Glaswegian gents.

Stereolab & Nuse with Wound – Simple Headphone Mind
A classic minimalist collaboration–Stereolab & Steven Stapleton in peak ’90s form.

Sunroof! – Silver Zero
Some of the finest glitched out electronic atmospherics and vocoder use in recent years.

Zanov – Machine Desperation
Bleak and devastating, an apocalyptic funeral dirge for lonely robots.