NE066: An Exclusive Cave In Mix


This week’s exclusive mix was compiled by Cave In and originally offered as a digital “cassette” in the enhanced edition of our quarterly magazine. Interested in more exclusive music, starting with our next issue in September? Subscribe to self-titled for the iPad, Android and standard Web browsers here. Otherwise, please enjoy the one-track version of Cave In’s tour-ready tape, which incorporates everything from Brian Eno and Boris to Portishead and Public Enemy…

1. Integrity, “Vocal Test”
It’s so simple, you wish you thought of it. And we wish we could open with it every night.

2. Grinderman, “Worm Tamer”
We have sonic daydreams about this one. Something to aspire towards.

3. The Stranglers, “Nice n’ Sleazy”
Years ago, our tour manager told us this band is weird like us, and that we should get into them.

4. OFF!, “Blast”
We joke about how this song sums up our major label experience.

5. James Plotkin’s Phantomsmasher, “Bishop Hopping”
This made us wanna work with James on [our new album] White Silence. Ear-pleasing and pretty-sounding even in its harshest moments.

6. Brian Eno, “St. Elmo’s Fire”
[Guitarist Robert] Fripp steals the show. The sound of no delay between thought and execution. Fingers hardwired to brain.

7. Townes Van Zandt, “Lungs”
Seal the river at its mouth and take its water prisoner. Fill the skies with screams and cries and burn in fiery answers.

8. Portishead, “Threads”
It was tough to pick one song from their first album in 10 years, ’cause it’s got about everything we could’ve wanted to hear from them.

9. Boris, “Rainbow”
Inspires one to stare at their pedal board and ask, “What other sounds can I get from this?” Restores faith in electric guitar, heads, cabs, speakers, cables, and grill cloth.

10. Madvillian, “Shadows Of Tomorrow”
A Sun Ra poem reflecting the future over hip-hop light years ahead of its time.

11. Public Enemy, “Welcome To the Terrordome”
A sampling omelet of goodness, before the Wild West of sampling came to an end. Powerfully executed, politically driven hip-hip with a punk attitude.

12. Count Lasher, “Hooligan”

A lesson in life. The Count is telling you to leave behind your life of crime and go back to work.

13. Lee Scratch Perry, “Kentucky Skank”
Box of chicken, drummer keep a-kickin’. Feels so hot, you can hear the humidity.

14. Prince, “If I Was Your Girlfriend”

Genius. Visionary. Pushing ’80s studio technology to the max.

Cave In’s latest album, White Silence, is available now through Hydra Head.