Anika Makes Us A Vinyl Mix Featuring Kraftwerk, My Bloody Valentine and More



Since we’ve already shared Anika’s non-musical influences and debated modern art with her at MoMa, self-titled thought we’d shift to another side of the singer’s psyche–the part that maintains a carefully curated record crate and occasionally emerges at random DJ gigs. Here’s an exclusive live vinyl mix, presented as part of our Needle Exchange series. Details on Anika’s first proper U.S. tour–beginning tonight at (Le) Poisson Rouge in New York–are available at Stones Throw’s site….

1. Psychic TV, “Ordeal Ov Innocence”
No introduction needed.

2. My Bloody Valentine, “Sandman Never Sleeps”
Paved the way for many others.

3. Lydia Lunch, “Atomic Bongos”
You must never forget Lunch.

4. No Bra, “Munchausen”
Are you still awake?

5. Kraftwerk, “Ruckzuck”
Earliest is always best.

6. Light Asylum, “Shallow Tears”
Bloody legends.

7. Young Marble Giants, “Wurlitzer Jukebox
The Cardiff connection.

8. Suburban Lawns, “Janitor”
Most awkward performance ever.

9. Einsturzende Neubauten, “Für Den Untergang”
Industrial Berlin–introducing heavy duty machinery to music..

10. Patti Smith, “Flying Saucers Rock and Roll”
Listen and learn.