NEEDLE EXCHANGE 075: An Exclusive Mix By … Xeno & Oaklander

Words and Mix by Xeno & Oaklander

We’ve selected demos and forlorn tracks from the minimal electronics past for this mix that resurrects gems from Russia, Sweden, France, the UK and Germany. These are songs that friends have shared with us over the years by way of compilation K7s and hand-scribbled homemade CD-Rs. They litter our home studio, and have come in all colors and shapes; our all-time favorites are the mysterious all-black disks, and the highly impractical, wallet-sized mini CD-R…

Xeno & Oaklander, ‘Needle Exchange 075’:
New Statesman, “Walk In the Night”
Kay, “Passed By”
Know, “Knights of Pleasure”
The Gist, “Light Aircraft”
Christophe, “Coeur Défiguré”
Мираж, “Я не хочу”
Glenn Winter, “Around and Around”
Michelle Vernon, “Y’a Pas De Mystère Dans L’air”
Martin & Martin, “Dancin’ On Your Own”
Lars Falk, “Let Tomorrow Take Over”
Turo, “Es ist sowelt”
Ich Wollte Ich Könnte, “No Tomorrow”
Denis Haines, “Tunnel Vision”