NEEDLE EXCHANGE 090: An Exclusive Mix By … Torche

Torche is still more than a month away from releasing their new record (the rather ripping Harmonicraft, out on Volcom Entertainment April 24th), but the band’s launching a three-week tour with Valient Thorr and Corrosion of Conformity in New York tonight, so we asked guitarist Andrew Elstner to make us a mixtape of “10 jams.” Here’s what he came up with…

1. AC/DC, “Nervous Shakedown”
This song destroys with breathtaking efficiency. AC/DC does with four chords what lesser men have to do with 20 and tons of flash. They’re eating your goddamn lunch.

2. Brant Bjork, “Rock-n-Roll’e”
Crazy talented guy and another who I admire for his ability to do more with less.

3. Aerosmith, “No More No More”
My Dad had Toys In The Attic on permanent rotation when I was a kid. Nostalgia from back when these dudes were still writing their own tunes.

4. Traindodge, “Midnight Sun”
Amazing guys, amazing band. One of my all-time favorites of theirs, with spooky good lyrics.

5. Roma 79, “Gold”
Another cosmically overlooked band. Brilliant, white hot shoegaze from San Francisco. Like Traindodge, these guys should be huge.

6. Tears For Fears, “The Hurting”
I grew up with two older sisters in the ’80s. After a while you just accept that you like this stuff and this song of awesome, cleverly written prog-pop makes it super easy.

7. DMS, “Laughing With Me/At Me”
Musical acquaintance Steve Lamos of American Football and Firebird Band fame’s very short lived solo project. Fiery, complex electroni-prog with live drums. Critically rad!

8. Retisonic, “Filthy Way To Lose Yourself”
Jason Farrell from Bluetip, Swizz and the general Dischord family along with Jim Kimball from J-Majesty and Joe Gorelick from Garden Variety. Always loved this one from my good friends.

9. Steeleye Span, “Saucy Sailor”
For when you want to go deeper into the “Battle of Evermore” side of things. In fact, that’s Steeleye’s Maddy Prior on the aforementioned Zep tune. Feel your English roots!

10. William Sheller, “Introit”
This tune was heavily sampled by Dan the Automator for the Deltron 3030 record. It was released on Sheller’s Lux Aeterna album and is perhaps the most epic classical pop composition of all time. I have no idea how someone writes a song like this. Chills!