NEEDLE EXCHANGE 146: An Exclusive Mix By… Penny

“Ever since been blown away after seeing sets from Morphosis, RRose and Hieroglyphic Being at ECO festival in Madrid a couple of years back when I was a playing a show with Old Apparatus, I wanted to put together project that was more dancefloor orientated but with a strong visual element. That’s how the idea for Penny came about really; then Michael [Crowe] and myself started experimenting. Although this mix doesn’t feature any of the aforementioned artists, it’s a selection of tracks of looser fitting, organic sounding dance music and another couple of bolder brasher tunes that I just love.” Asher Levitas

Kraftwerk – Kristallo
Karen Gwyer – Free Food – One Men Stripper
LFO – Track 14
NHK’Koyxen – 476
Zinja Hlungwani – N’wagezani My Love
Helena Hauff – Actio Reactio
Lil’ Silva – Seasons
Jam City – Her
Actress – Future Proofing
Powell – Search
Penny – Pen#3

Penny’s debut EP is available now through the duo’s new Overshare imprint. Stream it in full below…