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Lawrence English

Here’s what was on self-titled‘s office stereo today…

The Artist/Album: Lawrence English, A Colour For Autumn (12k, 2009)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: We’re still a few months away from fallen leaves and sepia-toned landscapes, but this impeccable collection of mind-numbing music will make you want to throw your air conditioner out the window and dream of better, cooler days. Or at the very least, it’ll make you appreciate Christian Fennesz‘s guitar-grinding guest appearance (“The Surface of Everything”) and contemplative drone tones.

The Artist/Album: Wild Nothing, Gemini (Captured Tracks, 2010)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: A new band that’s “nostalgic” but not the least bit lo-fi. Maybe there is a God after all. And if there is, he clearly listens to a lot of the Cure. And the Smiths. And synth-pop that doesn’t suck. If you cry yourself to sleep while revisiting 4AD’s back catalog–like we clearly do–you need Wild Nothing in your life.

The Artist/Album: Blondes, Touched EP (Merok, 2010)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: A friend of ours called this essential debut EP “hump-speed Kraut trance.” Yep, that sounds about right.