Olan Monk Unveils
New Love/Dead Video


Olan Monk has shared another piece of the puzzle that is his Love/Dead LP, a collaboration with acclaimed Russian artist Maria Gorodeckaya that gets straight to the heart of Monk’s heavy pop music.

Here’s what he had to say about the clip, along with a complete stream of the multi-faceted musician’s bleak yet strangely beautiful C.A.N.V.A.S. LP….

“Fate” is a song about about desire and vulnerability — losing yourself to be with someone else. It’s at the meeting point of the ‘Love/Dead’ axis where there’s a degree of inevitability. The feeling that you had to meet someone, just like eventually you will have to die. The decision to believe in these kind of mutual resonances as life lessons along the way.

The video is place specific. It was shot a while ago in South London inside an abandoned Coroner’s Court where I recorded some of this album and outside in the cold of Hilly Fields. I loved Maria’s portraiture in photography and asked her to capture something of me in this strange place I lived for a while as a kind of live portrait.