OM Sign To Drag City, Get All Christian On Us With New Album Title

Here’s our theory about former Sleep bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros (the guy on the right): Dude was so taken aback by how devilish Matt Pike looks these days that he decided to call OM‘s latest disc “God is Good.” An I-cast-thee-out move, if you will.

Okay, maybe not. After all, Pike’s current band, High On Fire, has been together for a decade now–long enough to get booked at goddamn Bonnaroo–and Sleep’s impromptu ATP reunion was their first time playing together since 1998. A lot has changed in a decade. Hell, a lot’s happened over the past couple years, as former Sleep drummer Chris Haikus gave his OM spot to Emil Amos (see also: Holy Sons, Grails) and details emerged about Shrinebuilder, a side project with Scott Kelly, Dale Crover and doom-metal icon Scott “Wino” Weinrich.

Specifics are still slim about Shrinebuilder aside from the fact that their debut is due out this year through Kelly’s Neurot label. As for OM, they have a vinyl-only live LP coming out through Important in a couple weeks, and God is Good ready for a September 8 release through the duo’s new label, Drag City. Recorded by Steve Albini once again, it features OM (according to a press release) “reaching out further than they’ve gone before, implementing new instrumentation and truly showing off their musical range. Surprise is guaranteed; new colors and new light, along with the never-ending riffs for which they are famed.”

Bring it…

God is Good:
1. Thebes
2. Meditation is the Practice of Death
3. Cremation Ghat I
4. Cremation Ghat II