Penelope Trappes Shares a
Spellbinding Nico Cover


Penelope Trappes has shared the second official single from her upcoming Eel Drip EP (Houndstooth, October 23rd).

Much like her Colin Newman cover a couple years ago, “Afraid” strips Nico’s source material down to its bare essentials and amps up the atmospherics. Rather than rely on the original’s piano-led progression, Trappes lets her lines unfurl like a slow-burning flame and shakes your speakers when you least expect it — a ripple effect of raw emotion.

“Nico’s solo work addresses the more independent and mature aspects of her artistry that were suppressed during her years at TVU,” explains Trappes. “‘Afraid’ feels like a lullaby to herself and to her child for self love, self expression, and fearlessness.

She continues, “In an era where anxiety is so prevalent, this message resonates deeply with me. Having raised my daughter during these difficult years, these are words I know I could sing to myself and to her, to encourage her / me to challenge the new world with bravery and to not be led astray by others, all while trusting in our feminine intuition.”

Check out a complete rundown of Eel Drip below, along with its title track….

Penelope Trappes
Eel Drip
(Houndstooth, October 23rd)

1. Eel Drip
2. Break
3. Afraid
5. Berceuse