P4K FOCUS (DAY ONE): David Yow Leads The Jesus Lizard Through Raucous Reunion Set

David Yow shows the kids how its done.
David Yow shows 'the kids' how it's done.

[Photos by Laura M. Gray]

By Lizz Kannenberg

The Artist: The kings of freakish noise rock make a triumphant return to Chicago.

Their Latest Release: Blue (Capitol, 1998)

Their Set in a Few Sentences: It took David Yow about two seconds to take his first plunge into the crowd. His dramatic leaps over the photo pit punctuated a set that left most fresh-faced cool kids muttering, “Holy shit, dude.” Anyone who truly loves rock ‘n’ roll (and it’s hard to accurately gauge that at a fashion show like P4K) had a new favorite band for at least a few minutes.

And a Letter Grade: A