P4K FOCUS (DAY TWO): Rare DOOM Set Falls a Bit Flat

DOOM shows off his new Swamp Thing costume.
DOOM shows off his new Swamp Thing costume.

[Photos by Laura M. Gray]

By Lizz Kannenberg

The Artist: A rare live performance from the masked marauder of indie hip-hop.

Their Latest Release: Born Like This (Lex, 2009)

The Set in a Few Sentences: The sun poked through the clouds over Union Park just in time to create a shocking glare off DOOM‘s metallic silver mask. The crowd didn’t need anything else to get them excited, though; which was good, because his set felt a bit phoned-in. The indie kids loved a beat or two from 2006’s joint effort with Danger Mouse, The Mouse and the Mask, but the new material didn’t stand up to DOOM’s past collaborative projects.

And a Letter Grade: B


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