P4K FOCUS (DAY TWO): Yeasayer Spring Back Into Action With New Songs, Sleek Haircuts

[Photos by Laura M. Gray]

By Lizz Kannenberg

The Artist: Pitchfork shows its spiritual side via a Brooklyn-based collective who’s avoided the stage in recent months, as they wrap up their second full-length record.

Their Latest Release: All Hour Cymbals (We Are Free, 2008)

The Set in a Few Sentences: A random downpour chased with the chilly mid-summer air couldn’t deter the throngs who waited anxiously for a preview of Yeasayer‘s new material, and they were not disappointed. With an expanded live lineup in place, the six-piece loaded the first half of their set with new songs and alternate arrangements. Fans of the band’s widescreen world music/gospel opuses will not be disappointed with their current direction.

And a Letter Grade: A-


In Case You Missed It: “Sunrise”