Pre-Order Our Limited Art Collaboration With Grouper

Grouper - 'Repeating Patterns 2'

Grouper - 'Repeating Patterns 2'

Presenting the latest exclusive collaboration between self-titled and one of our favorite artists: Repeating Patterns 2, a newsprint piece Liz Harris of Grouper produced for our“Heavy Issue.” Available for pre-order here–and shipping the week of March 18th–are 100 numbered, signed copies of Liz’s artwork. Each 17″ x 22″ print is sealed with a custom-patterned sticker and a “mini-painting” tag (roughly 2.5″ x 2.5″) on paper featuring a second custom pattern that was also handmade by Liz.

Check out the photos below for more detailed shots of the packaging, and look out for a second short run of 50 Repeating Patterns 2 prints–available with a silk-screened shirt and copies of Grouper’s new Kranky LPs–on the singer’s own Yellow Electric store in early April… 
The sealed print

Some of Grouper's 'small paintings'

More "small paintings"