PREMIER: Kinski, “Last Day on Earth”



“We could have easily stopped,” says guitarist Chris Martin, referring to the six years that separated the last two Kinski LPs. “But it felt wrong to quit. We wanted to keep doing it somehow. To keep going and keep making vital, great music.”

One way they’ve managed to pull that off is by pushing their pop instincts to the fore and balancing their post-rock peaks and valleys with contemplative confessionals and pure bombast. The latter’s certainly the case with “Last Day on Earth,” a brisk thumb in the eye of anyone who expected nothing but instrumental jams on the band’s new album, Cosy Moments.

“We wanted to make something more direct,” explains Martin. “That was the kind of music I kept finding myself listening to and that’s what we tried to do. I was getting tired of hearing people step on wah pedals and solo over psych rock. There were so many people doing that, including us. We’ve always had poppy, song-ish elements but we took them further this time.”

Check out our premiere below, along with the previously leaked “Conflict Free Diamonds”…

Kinski - 'Cosy Moments'

Kinski, Cosy Moments (Kill Rock Stars, April 2nd)
1. Long Term Exit Strategy
2. Last Day On Earth
3. Skim Milf
4. Riff DAD
5. Throw It Up
6. A Little Ticker Tape Never Hurt Anybody
7. Conflict Free Diamonds
8. Counterpointer
9. We Think She’s A Nurse
10. Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process