An Gella Leaves Our Heads Spinning with “Bad Analogy” Single

An Gella gets straight to the point when asked about today’s lead #selftitledpremiere, a skittish experimental single by the name of “Bad Analogy”: “4:18, open up, this one could be a ride.”

The composer/producer’s simple request—to let go and listen—would work for the rest of the record as well, a dizzying debut that chops a series of voices, choir, strings, drums and classical guitar into a gleaming stack of samples and synths. Have a listen below, and look out for Perma on November 3rd, when it lands in shops via the new Copenhagen imprint Anyines….

An Gella | Perma album cover

An Gella
(Anyines, November 3rd)

1. Game Mother
2. Lip Track
3. Bad Analogy
5. Ur Not Alone
6. Zen Cell
7. Non Spoken
8. Language Carrier
9. Xina
10. Kumdang-2
11. Image Field
12. (Resized)
13. Time Of Reason