Azar Swan Goes the Industrial Pop Route on Savage “Twilight Anesthesia” Single

Azar Swan


Now that Thanksgiving is over and year-end puff pieces are merely a matter of time, we’d like to point out one worthwhile album that hasn’t dropped yet. Due out December 1st through the Berlin label aufnahme + wiedergabe, Savage Exile is the latest disquieting listen from the NYC duo Azar Swan. Here’s what Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn had to say about its latest single, (the steam-pressed, fang-baring “Twilight Anesthesia”), along with a couple other official leaks, videos, and streaming versions of the group’s past work….

Twilight anesthesia is a small dose of anesthetic that’s supposed to reduce anxiety that prevent you from forming new memories. Almost all of the lyrics from this song are a collage of actual quotes overheard in surgery videos. It’s about that specific intersection of vulnerability and anxiety, the desire to medicate and forget. The song is also in a bizarre, disjointed time signature, the arrhythmic beat of discomfort.

Azar Swan | Savage Exile album cover

Azar Swan
Savage Exile
(aufnahme + wiedergabe, December 1st)

1. Shock
2. Territorial
3. Twilight Anesthesia
4. Lines In The Sand
5. Silent Like A Father
6. Jungle Law
7. Instinct
8. Functions Of Fantasy
9. You Can’t Wash Away Murder
10. Heavy Water