Stream Ceramic TL + Ipek Gorgun’s Perfect Lung Album

Ceramic TL Ipek Gorgun

While it was recorded and wrapped via remote sessions in Toronto, Ankara and Istanbul, Perfect Lung (Halocline Trance) is about as seamless as an ambient-noise album gets. A promising opening gambit from David Psutka’s Ceramic TL project (see also: Egyptrixx) and the Istanbul-based experimental composer Ipek Gorgun, it toes the line between soothing and upsetting sonics quite nicely. Check it out in full below alongside an exclusive ‘commentary’ from the intercontinental duo….

Here’s some kale for you. Get rid of the toxic energy. Get rid of the toxic people. Good things will come; all you need is to invite them. Exclusive meditation for $1000. Don’t forget your avocadosoylattefuckachino. It’s raining acid today, reign-in-blood tomorrow. 2017 is all winter. 2018 will be nuclear. Better get your hem coat. Stare at the mountains of kombucha bottles. They will calm you down. If nothing else works, repeat: you’re anti-Orange man. If nothing else works, dream Tahiti. Dream your retirement from the downtown sunshine. Bone China for moondust and pollution. Skulls and bones for the k-hole. Shizzandgiggles for likes. Quit smoking and smack; ’90s movies ain’t coming back. Reproduce to death. Forget recycling. Un-like oil spills. Un-like famine. Unfollow whale corpses. Unfollow refugees. Unfollow tornadoes. Just breathe in; the world will get better. Keep watching white men blaming white men. It’s raining white men. Take a deep, full breath. All you need is a perfect lung. Here’s to your post-apocalypse.

Argan oil’s the food for skin. Drop the bottle into the recycle bin. Our legacy is trash. Own it.


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