Cerrone, “Music of Life (Alan Braxe Remix)”


Now that Giorgio Moroder’s gotten a second lease on life via a Daft Punk interview and a Studio 54-styled Vegas show, it’s time for younger dance fans to rediscover another undisputed don of the early disco scene: French pioneer Cerrone. Best known for his smash “Love In C Minor” single and richly orchestrated Supernature record, the drummer/producer/composer is the subject of an upcoming reissue campaign through Because Music. Aside from bringing his finest LPs back into print, the Parisian imprint has put together a two-disc compilation of Cerrone’s finest work and remixes from such esteemed beat makers as A-Trak, Dimitri From Paris, and today’s pristine self-titled premiere from the one and only Alan Braxe. It’s so on-point it left us lusting after “Music Sounds Better With You,” the modern day masterpiece Braxe cut with one-half of Daft Punk way back in 1998.

Have a listen down below, and look out for the rest of Because Music’s best-of on January 20th…


The Best of Cerrone Productions:
1. Cerrone – Supernature [Edit]
2. Don Ray – Got To Have Lovin’ [Edit]
3. Cerrone – Love In C Minor [Edit]
4. Cerrone – Midnite Lady [Edit]
5. Cerrone – Freak Connection [Edit]
6. Revelacion – The House Of The Rising Sun [Edit]
7. Cerrone – Look For Love [Edit]
8. Don Ray – Standing In The Rain [Edit]
9. Kongas – Why Can’t We Live Together [Edit]
10. Cristal – Phonic [Edit]
11. B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine I – Striptease
12. Cerrone – Call Me Tonight [Edit]
13. Kongas – Africanism [Edit]
14. Cerrone – Your Love Survived
15. Cerrone – You Are The One [Edit]
16. Cerrone – Love In C Minor (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
17. Cerrone – Supernature feat. Beth Ditto (The Shoes Remix)

1. Cerrone – Give Me Love [Edit]
2. Cerrone – Cerrone’s Paradise [Edit]
3. Cerrone – Love Is Here
4. B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine III – Vaudou Aux Caraïbes
5. B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine I – Experience / Cerrone – Je Suis Music [Edit]
6. B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine II – La Secte De Marrakech
7. Cerrone – Panic [Edit]
8. Cerrone – Rocket In The Pocket [Edit]
9. B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine I – Générique Fin
10. B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine III – Soumission
11. Cerrone – In The Smoke
12. Cristal – La Nuit Pour Nous [Edit]
13. Cerrone – Take Me [Edit]
14. Cerrone (Feat. Santana’s Band) – Cycle’s Woman [Edit]
15. Kongas – Tattoo Woman [Edit]
16. Kongas – Dr. Doo-Dah [Edit]
17. Cerrone – Music Of Life (Alan Braxe Remix)
18. Cerrone – Misunderstanding (A-Trak & Codes Rework)