Hypoxia Makes Beautiful Modular Synth Music on His New Division of Trust 12”


Moe Espinosa spun his Drumcell project off into the all-analog-everything alias Hypoxia a couple years ago as a way of paying tribute to such iconic electronic composers as John Carpenter, Goblin, and Wendy Carlos. And while that may sound like a familiar story by now—everyone seems to be into synths these days—Espinosa pushes his pieces one step further by limiting them to single takes and “focusing on a personal experience in his life that has shaped who he is today.”

Next month’s Division of Trust 12” features two side-long journeys into the unknown as part of Make Noise Records’ ongoing Shared System Series. Check out the first half below, along with some thoughts from Espinosa on his creative process and streaming versions of his back catalogue….

It seems when ever someone speaks about modular synthesizers these days, an image of towering racks of blinking lights and chaotic cabling immediately comes to mind. Most people also assume they’ll hear nothing but bleeps, bloops, and undistinguished noise which hardly justifies the price attached to these instruments. My personal approach has always been less is more, compacting my set up to a smaller contained system and approaching that collection of modules as a single musical instruments. Taking that smaller compact instrument out of the studio and into an environment that you would usually not be in puts me in a creative headspace that generates music that is far more personal.