Muck Guitarist Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson Announces New Solo Album Ding Ding


Like many other restless members of Reykjavík’s underground music scene, Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson has simply refused to stick to a certain sound or side project over the years. While he’s perhaps best known for his riff-slinging role in the hardcore-punk band Muck, Ingólfsson has also done a residency at New York’s respected Clocktower Gallery and cut a solo record (2016’s Makril) LP from an entirely different cloth than his last day job.

Next month’s ding ding album follows a similar path, casting a spell out of otherworldly melodies and moods instead of outright chaos.

Check out its first single below, along with cover art, a complete tracklisting, and a look at Ingólfsson’s back catalogue….

“Amma” is the first bit of the ‘ding ding’ saga. The song came to live in my first room of many in a new city; it was a lockdown time. Much credit to [bassist] Ingibjörg [Turchi]; I think the interplay between the bass and guitar lines is a key element here.

Writing the song with her and playing in that room sparked the idea that it was time for a new album, and on that moment, I finally found the focus to gather new work into a tight piece for the first time in a few years. Put loose strings together and had a frame to pull in things that fit and throw things [away] that don’t.

Indridi | ding ding album cover

ding ding
(figureight, May 18th)

1. Amma
2. December
3. Soft Rock
5. Summermania
6. Halloween
7. Tinder
8. STD
9. Amy
10. Hvorteðer
11. Skúlagata