Kalbata & Maayan Nidam Share the Spry B-Side of The Town

Kalbata & Maayan Nidam


The last time we checked in with Maayan Nidam, the Israeli producer was exploring her post-punk side with a twitchy power trio called The Waves & Us. While it may have gone silent soon after releasing a promising Wolf + Lamb 12”, Nidam is back with a new collaboration aimed squarely at discerning dancefloors. Due out next Monday, The Town finds Nidam squaring off with Brush & Broom founder Ariel Tagar (a.k.a. Kalbata) on two fresh batches of left-field techno. Here’s what Tagar had to say about the project’s first proper release, along with an early listen to its B-side, “Chrome Moon”….

Maayan and I have been friends for many many years. We’ve lived in different music spheres, but always liked each other’s wok and talked about making music together. A couple of years ago she was playing in Tel Aviv and we sat in my studio for the first time. Then pretty much every time she’d come to play here we’d sit for two-three days, working mostly with external gear and a very live attitude.

Maayan is a very special producer to work with; she comes up with very unique ideas and really knows what she’s after, even if it’s very abstractly described. We’re both gear freaks with a tendency for obscure equipment and so a lot of this was done with Soviet drum machines, Portland-made stomp boxes and all kinds of analog odds and sorts. It’s our first record together, but we’ve got much more coming up.