Liquid G.
“The Power Of…”

Liquid G - 'Liquidation' album cover

Seeing as how Peter van Bogaert wrote nine albums between 1987 and 1990, Dark Entries is basically doing EBM heads a favor by releasing Liquidation this week. The compilation is centered on Bogaert’s longtime Liquid G. project, shaving three restless years of industrial strength instrumentals and tortured electro-punk tracks down to one filler-free LP. Here’s what the singer/synth-slinger had to say about today’s #selftitledpremiere:

“The Power Of” was made with a Korg Poly-800, Roland TR-505, Boss RPS-10, and some effects. At that time, I usually started my tracks with drum lines before I used my synths; you can hear it especially in this track. This song was recorded directly to tape, and recorded to another tape after that. I didn’t have money for a 4-track or anything. I wrote this (love) song for my girlfriend at that time (now my wife). I didn’t write down my lyrics at that time; I just sung what I was thinking about.