Robert Lippok Channels Joy Division on Devastating Luca D’Alberto Rework

Robert Lippok

More than just a mere remix album, Endless Reworks is a collection of completely reconfigured Luca D’Alberto pieces, alluding to everything from Joy Division to EDM. The former can be found lurking beneath the surface of the tense Robert Lippok take below, which is presented in video form along with some director’s notes by D’Alberto.

In Robert Lippok’s rework of ‘Wait For Me’, the music seems static but it’s actually continuously moving. Like flames, which we wanted to reflect in the video. Lippok’s amazing dark influences fuse with the beauty of the strings to rise up in an hypnotic dance.

On a semi-related note, Lippok’s first solo LP in seven years, Applied Autonomy, is due out on May 17th through raster-media and previewed in the above player.

“I’ve invited Klara Lewis to join me [on the album],” Lippok wrote on Facebook. “I’m so glad she said yes to the project. On ‘All Objects Are Moving’ you hear the voice of my long distance/longtime collaborator Caroline Sheehan. Bo Kondren of Calyx Mastering did the fine tuning. Lucas Gutierrez designed the object for the cover. We’ll work on an animated version of this strange and beautiful shape. Thank you Frederic Stader for guiding me sonically at EBS Studios. And Mats Lindström for letting Klara and me work at EMS Studios Stockholm. I’m looking forward to [seeing] you all at Funkhaus Berlin on the 30th of April at the raster.index night. Let there be sine waves, bass and noise!”