Mikael Lind
“Intentions and Variations”

Like much of Mikael Lind’s work, the title track in his upcoming Intentions and Variations EP starts off slowly with a few slight piano melodies that rise and fall patiently. Waves of distortion enter the picture eventually though, bringing with them the lingering sense that something’s not quite right here. We’ll let the Reykjavik-based composer take it from here:

“Intentions and Variations” was created with a simple melodic line as the main building block. I tried out different things on the piano, like more complexity with the use of counterpoint, and also by adding acoustic strings to expand the sound. I ended up with something completely different, where I kept the harmony pretty simple, but instead increased the timbral palette by treating the pianos with spectral manipulation and tube distortion.

‘Intentions and Variations’ is due out April 8th through Morr Music.