ROOS Taps Singer Kelli Scarr for “In Praise of Idleness” Single


Not much is known about ROOS beyond their status as a “composer, producer, and musician based in California and New York.” Lurking beyond that little tidbit is Standards Volume 1, the first release in a three-part “song cycle exploring the aftermath of failure, from resistance to transcendence.”

Having already heard its haunting “thesis statement hymn” (the short-but-bittersweet “I Fail”), we’re proud to now present “In Praise of Idleness,” a Kelli Scarr collab ROOS describes as follows:

I am driving counter-clockwise in roundabouts, trying to turn back time, failing to make counter-clockwise pottery, in Yunnan, China, at the edge of the busiest, most populous country in the world, while Kelli Scarr watches, trying to sing along.

Future ROOS transmissions promise a wide range of “musical voices and styles, including gospel, country, shoegaze, R&B, jazz, soft rock, torch songs, trap music, contemporary classical, bossa nova, and free improvisation.” Or as a press release simply puts it, “classic pop songwriting reaching toward experimentation.” Along for the ride are such fellow raconteurs as Andrew Aged (Inc No World), Austin Beede (Grateful Shred), Sam Gendel (INGA), Eliza Callahan (Jack and Eliza, Purr), Jimmy MacBride (Herbie Hancock), Luke Sellick (Russell Malone), and the Occidental Community Choir.

Check out the official video for “In Praise Idleness” below and look out for the rest of the record on March 2nd through ROOS’ own eponymous twosyllable imprint.