Stream Angèle David-Guillou’s Stunning Mouvements Organiques EP

Angele David-Guillou

Minimalism doesn’t get much more mesmerizing than Angèle David-Guillou’s new Mouvements Organiques EP. Available today through Village Green, the full-length features five organ renditions of the composer’s recent En Mouvement record. Every last one seems to stretch across the horizon line, too, bringing another long week to a close on a landing pad made of ambient melodies.

Stream it all in full below, right alongside David-Guillou’s other solo records and a little background straight from the source….

Over the last couple of years, I have been lucky enough to be invited to perform on the organ of the Union Chapel, including for Daylight Music and the first edition of the Organ Reframed festival in 2016.

In fact, the first time I ever played compositions from ‘En Mouvement’ in front of an audience was on the Union Chapel organ. It was a revelation to hear many of my pieces translate so naturally to the organ and so recording on this particular organ had been on the back of my mind since before ‘En Mouvement’ was finalized.

Playing a church organ is an entirely different experience than the piano. The touch is very different, of course; the palette of sounds you can create using the different stops and keyboards is absolutely mind-blowing and something I want to explore more in the future. But to me, the most fascinating part is that you have to play to the room, to its specific reverberation, resonances, and harmonics; you cannot just play to yourself. You have to listen to how the space organically responds to the sounds and rhythm you produce, how it modifies them too. It’s a wonderful dialogue, which I tried to explore with ‘Mouvements Organiques’.