Steven A. Clark, “Can’t Have (Ape Drums Remix)”

Steven A. Clark

“Rhythm and blues ain’t all candy and hearts,” says singer Steven A. Clark. “There is real emotion, and lots of times, artists don’t always go there. Tapping into the darker side helps make a song more real, and keeps things fresh.”

Also of note in the freshness department: remixes like Ape Drums’ laser-guided, spring-loaded rendition of “Can’t Have.” Available below alongside a few other selections from Clark’s new album The Lonely Roller (available now through Secretly Canadian), it’s—to quote the confessor in question—an excuse to “dance and cry at the same time.”

“I loved working on this remix,” Ape Drums added. “I had a lot of room for creativity as the original melody of the vocals were already amazing. I took my time, changed ideas completely, and am very satisfied with the outcome.”